Captain Morgan Costume

Who was Captain Morgan? The true story of the man immortalized on the label of a bottle of rum is a history of the real pirates of the Caribbean. Learn more about Captain Henry Morgan and about how you can portray the buccaneer this Halloween.

Who was Captain Morgan?

The man who would become one of the most infamous pirates of the Caribbean began life in 15th century Wales. Spain had long been exploiting the riches of the Caribbean, and by the mid-1600s, England, France and Holland were all depending upon “privateers” to protect their own interests in the area and to steal Spanish treasure. Morgan soon joined the ranks of these swashbuckling buccaneers. The manner in which Morgan recruited pirates for his fleets of ships is one reason Morgan is such a memorable pirate. Rather than merely advertising for pirates to come to him, Morgan sailed into ports where he knew pirates could be found. Dressed in red silk trimmed with gold to show how successful he had become, he enlisted the buccaneers himself. In this fashion, Morgan assembled 500 of the best pirates of the Caribbean.

Captain Morgan Costumes

Today, Captain Morgan costumes generally reflect the image found on the labels of rum that bear his name. The most authentic costumes feature the pirate’s iconic gold-trimmed red coat with matching tricorn hat. A white ruffled shirt is often worn underneath the coat. A wide black belt and knee-high boots add to the look.

Our Recommendation!: Deluxe Captain Morgan Rum Runner Costume

There are a number of Captain Morgan type costumes featured at for men, women and children. The “Captain Morgan Rum Runner Costume,” is a unisex, Captain Morgan pirate adult costume, this outfit comes with a full length, sweeping red velvet jacket with a working black trim. Gold trimmed accents and faux-suede additions will have you feeling like a pirate the minute you slip into the coat.

Captain Black Heart Pirate Costume

The “Captain Black Heart Pirate Costume” best represents the opulent style of the real Captain Morgan and is available in one size. It features a tricorn hat, a red coat with red and brown trim and a lace jabot.

Adult Pirate Captain Morgan Costume

The “Adult Captain Morgan Costume” includes a long red coat with gold trim, a sleeveless white shirt, a red sash and black pants.

Captain Morgan Deluxe Pirate Costume

Another Captain Morgan costume is called “Captain Morgan Deluxe Pirate Costume, Nobleman or even Renaissance Royalty!” This costume is available in a variety of sizes for men and children. It includes a wide belt, lace jabot and cuffs, and red velvet pants. While the black jacket, red pants and absence of any type of hat does not resemble the classic Captain Morgan, it is an effective pirate costume.

Captain Morgan Costume for Kids

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